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We have some great news! To make transcript requests easier, Hayden Catholic High School is partnering with Parchment, a digital credential service providing secure online transcript ordering services which are available 24/7. Creating a Parchment account is free and only takes a few steps. Once you decide to perform a transcript request, you will be able to track your transcripts with ease. There is a nominal fee (under $10) to use. Parchment is extremely beneficial to the student and the college especially during these unprecedented times of Covid-19. Using Parchment will guarantee all transcripts get delivered to EACH individual college meeting the college’s requirements. Hayden will no longer send transcripts or take requests through the Counseling Department. Instead, we will download transcripts into Parchment which will require ALL transcript requests to go through Parchment. Please use this link to create your PARCHMENT ACCOUNT HERE. Your student will also receive an invitation via email through Parchment to create an account or visit the Hayden website at https://haydencatholic.org/academics/transcript-requests/. Please let us know if you have any questions.