Tomorrow is November 1, which means TURKEY BOWLING RETURNS! We will begin with phase 1 with Penny Wars from Nov. 1 -Nov. 15. Communities will raise money for families adopted by local parishes to assist them with Thanksgiving Dinners. Each penny is worth one point and counts “positively” toward a community’s point total; each silver coin or dollar bill gets points based on its value (a nickel is worth five points, a dime is worth 10, etc.), but counts “negatively” toward other community totals. This fundraiser ends at the end of lunch on Nov. 15.


Please join us in the Chapel on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 7:30 to pray the rosary. All are welcome.


There will be a meeting after school tomorrow for all girls interested in trying out for basketball in room 101.


Coach Hunte will have a quick meeting on tomorrow after school in the cafeteria for those boys interested in swim.


Congratulations to Chris Burroughs and Curtis Morrissey for their 4th place finish at yesterday’s After School Debate at Shawnee Heights. The team finished an undefeated 3-0! Great work!


Just a reminder we will have all school mass tomorrow for All Saints Day. Please dress in appropriate mass attire.


Tomorrow is a full day of school.



There will not be after school study hall today or tomorrow.