Parent Paint Night has been cancelled for this evening. We will try to reschedule later in the month.


Tickets for the Hayden Theater fall production of “Uncle Vanya” are now available online at The show will be streamed online on Friday, November 14 and Friday, November 21 @ 7:30pm. Tickets are $10 but students can purchase one for $5 by using the promo code STUDENT. Don’t miss a chance to see your classmates in this classic drama about love and hope.


This week there is an informational meeting for Catholic Heart Work Camp. Come on Thursday night at 6:30 PM in the Hayden gym. All Hayden students are invited – bring a parent!


1.  Everyone must pay from now on to go to the football game.
2.  Admission $7.00 Adult and $5.00 Student
3.  Must have a voucher to purchase a ticket and to receive a wristband.
4.  Face masks are required inside the football stadium.
5.  Do not gather after the game around the SW gate and old concession stand/restrooms.  This area needs to remain clear because it is the visitors exit from the stadium.  It is not a good situation to have both crowds in that area.  If you need to gather, move outside the stadium.
Next week is Buffer Week and there shall be no athletic practice, offseason conditioning, informal basketball shooting, working out on wrestling mats, etc., in school-owned facilities during the Fall Athletic Buffer Week.  Gymnasiums shall not be open to the students during the Fall Athletic Buffer Week for the purpose of shooting baskets, working out with weights, etc., outside school hours.  Noon hour and physical education classes are considered part of the school day.