Cancellations for this evening…

Bowling, Track & field conditioning and after school study hall.


Winter Sports Outside Date forms are due to Mr. Tush by noon today.


The winter sports dance will be on Saturday from 7:30-10:30 pm. Tickets will be on sale this week at all lunches and are $6 per person. Tickets purchased after Friday’s lunches will cost $10 each. You will need to see Ms. Herman to purchase those tickets. Remember, you must arrive at the dance by 8:00 pm and will not be permitted to leave until 10:00 pm. If you have any questions, see Ms. Herman.


Thursday’s theme is “WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS”. dress like a rock star or sport your favorite concert t-shirt. Please use good judgement in choosing spirit day apparel. Clothing should not have holes or be immodest. Shorts should not be more than two inches above the knee.  Please refer to your handbook for specifics about the dress code.


Our third king candidate is Jake Graf. Jake is the son of Devin and Keri Graf and is a member of Most Pure Heart of Mary parish. Jake’s accomplishments include:

  •        Tennis-3 years
  •        Football-1 year
  •        Track-1 year
  •        Bowling-1 year
  •        NHS-3 years
  •        Honor roll-3 years
  •        PAL basketball-3 years


Our third queen candidate is Saige LasKares. Saige is the daughter of the late Kent LasKares and Bernita Berntsen and is a member of Mater Dei parish. Saige’s accomplishments include:

  •        Volleyball-1 year
  •        Tennis-3 years
  •        Bowling-1 year
  •        SADD-3 years
  •        Pro-Life-3 years
  •        NHS-4 years
  •        Honor roll-4 years
  •        House leader-2 years
  •        Community captain-1 year


Our fourth king candidate is Koby Morgan. Koby is the son of Andrew and Tricia Morgan and is a member of Christ the King parish. Koby’s accomplishments include:

  •        Soccer-4 years
  •        Golf-1 year
  •        Track-1 year
  •        Tennis-2 years
  •        Bowling-1 year


Our fourth queen candidate is Haley Luke. Haley is the daughter of David and Dina Luke and is a member of Most Pure Heart of Mary parish. Haley’s accomplishments include:

  •        Soccer-2 years
  •        Tennis-1 meet
  •        SADD-1 year
  •        Rowdy bunch-2 years