Spirit day for Wednesday, September 30:  role reversal…teachers dress like students, students dress like teachers.


There will be a Drama Club meeting after school today in Wildcat Hall.


Hayden Debate Update! Last weekend the teams of Burroughs/Scheer and Tanking/Herrera competed in the Fort Scott Invitational. Burroughs/Scheer placed 6th with a 3-1 record in the Open division.  Tanking/Herrera a sophomore pair competed in Open for the first time in their debate careers and learned some valuable lessons throughout the tournament. This weekend Pryor/McConnell will compete in the Debate Coaches Invitational tournament at Olathe Northwest, joining them will be sophomore pair Gregg/Charvat in JV. 


Our first king candidate is Dawson Adams.  Dawson is the son of Ryan and Melissa Adams and is a member of Christ the King parish.  Dawson’s accomplishments include:

  • Student council-2 years
  • FBLA-2 years
  • Ambassadors-2 years
  • House captain-1 year
  • All school community captain-1 year
  • Honor roll-4 years
  • Washburn University High School Leadership Academy-1 year
  • Catholic Heart Work Camp-3 years
  • Varsity cross country-4 years
  • All city cross country-4 years
  • State cross country-2 years
  • All state honorable mention cross country-1 year
  • Varsity track-4 years
  • Swimming-3 years
  • Basketball-1 year


Our first queen candidate is Emma Bluml.  Emma is the daughter of Joel and Melissa Bluml and is a member of Christ the King parish.  Emma’s accomplishments include:

  • Dance team-1 year
  • Golf-1 year
  • Swimming-4 years
  • Student council-1 year
  • Theater-3 years
  • Debate-1 year
  • Top city youth-2 years
  • SADD-1 year
  • Superior honor roll-4 years
  • Ambassadors-4 years
  • Ambassador leadership team-2 years


Our second king candidate is Braden Allphin.  Braden is the son of Matt and Amber Allphin and is a member of Christ the King parish.  Braden’s accomplishments include:

  • Soccer-4 years
  • Bowling-3 years
  • Golf-3 years
  • Ambassadors-3 years
  • House captain-2 years
  • FBLA-3 years
  • Top city youth-2 years
  • Superior honor roll-3 years
  • NHS-3 years
  • Washburn University High School Leadership Academy-1 year


Our second queen candidate is Grace Evans.  Grace is the daughter of George and Carol Evans and is a member of Christ the King parish.  Grace’s accomplishments include:

  • Basketball-1 year
  • Volleyball-3 years
  • Volleyball centennial league JV champions-1 year
  • Swimming-4 years
  • Superior honor roll-4 years
  • Washburn University CEP Dean’s honor roll-1 year
  • NHS-3 years
  • NHS president-1 year
  • National Latin Exam, Magna Cum Laude Award-1 year
  • Top city youth executive representative-2 years
  • Student council-4 years
  • Student council senior class secretary-1 year
  • Student council assembly committee-3 years
  • House captain-1 year
  • Mark community captain-1 year
  • Ambassadors-4 years
  • FBLA-2 years
  • SADD-3 years
  • Pro-life club-3 years
  • GRACE club-3 years