Congratulations to the Hayden Forensics team who placed 2nd in sweeps at the Emporia tournament this past weekend. Students broke into final rounds in 10 events. There were 4 event champs: Marcel Pryor in Informative 10 and Impromptu, Rachel Grollmes in Informative 7, and Jack Ossello in Prose, and five students qualified for state.


Good job to the chess team at last weekend’s tournament at Topeka Collegiate. Brady McGivern earned 2 pts, Sean McConnell earned 1 1/2 pts, and Emilio Gutierrez earned 1pt. Congratulations to all three members as well as Graidon Nichol and William Sevy who are qualified for the State Chess tournament at Emporia State later in March!


Winter Sports Outside Date forms are due to Mr. Tush by noon tomorrow.


The winter sports dance will be on Saturday, February 9 from 7:30-10:30 pm. Tickets will be on sale this week at all lunches and are $6 per person. Tickets purchased after lunch on Friday will cost $10 each. You will need to see Ms. Herman to purchase those tickets. Remember, you must arrive at the dance by 8:00 pm and will not be permitted to leave until 10:00 pm. If you have any questions, see Ms. Herman.


The theme for winter sports is “We Are the Champions.”  Please use good judgement in choosing spirit day apparel.  Clothing should not have holes or be immodest.  Shorts should not be more than two inches above the knee.  Please refer to your handbook for specifics about the dress code.


Wednesday’s theme is “Our God is an Awesome God”. Today is our celebration of our winter sports liturgy. Look sharp in your pants, white shirts, ties, and belts, and ONLY the quarter zip jackets from the Pace Office are approved for mass.


Our first king candidate is Justin Broxterman. Justin is the son of Shawn and Kelly Broxterman and is a member of Christ the King parish. Justin’s accomplishments include:

  •        Soccer-4 years
  •        Soccer-2018 regional champions
  •        TOP soccer-3 years
  •        Tennis-4 years
  •        Bowling-2 years
  •        Student ambassador-3 years
  •        Student ambassador leadership team-2 years
  •        FBLA-2 years
  •        SADD-4 years
  •        Pro-Life-1 year
  •        Honor roll-4 years
  •        WIBW scholar athlete of the week


Our first queen candidate is Sara Comstock. Sara is the daughter of Kevin and April Comstock and is a member of Most Pure Heart of Mary parish. Sara’s accomplishments include:

  •        Student council-1 year
  •        SADD-2 years
  •        SADD vice president-1 year
  •        Varsity tennis-4 years
  •        Tennis state qualifier-2 years
  •        All city tennis-3 years
  •        State tennis second place finish-1 year
  •        Regional tennis first place finish-1 year
  •        Volleyball-1 year
  •        Honor roll-4 years
  •        Soccer-4 years
  •        Soccer state qualifier-1 year
  •        State soccer fourth place finish-1 year
  •        Bowling-3 years


Our second king candidate is Tegan Engroff. Tegan is the son of Jeff and Teri Engroff and is a member of Most Pure Heart of Mary parish. Tegan’s accomplishments include:

  •        Baseball-4 years
  •        Basketball-3 years
  •        Football-3 years
  •        Scout team Travis Kelce-1 year
  •        Ken krazies-1 year


Our second queen candidate is Julia Hammes. Julia is the daughter of Gary and Kristine Hammes and is a member of Christ the King parish. Julia’s accomplishments include:

  •        Superior honor roll-4 years
  •        Kansas honor scholar
  •        NHS-4 years
  •        Student ambassador-3 years
  •        Student council-4 years
  •        Student council class president-2 years
  •        Student council all school president-1 year
  •        SADD-4 years
  •        SADD student outreach coordinator-1 year
  •        House leader-3 years
  •        Hayden singers-2 years
  •        Regional piano music festival 2 rating-1 year
  •        Tennis-4 years
  •        All city tennis-2 years
  •        State tennis qualifier-2 years
  •        Regional tennis first place finish-1 year
  •        State tennis second place team finish-1 year
  •        Bowling-1 week
  •        Softball-4 years
  •        Softball regional champs-1 year