Today’s lunch is Crispitos.


Tomorrow is a Dress Down Day to help raise money for our Diaper “Cakes” activity later this month. You can wear sweatpants for a $2 donation and a sweatshirt for a $2 donation (total of $4). If you chose not to participate you must wear your Hayden uniform. Please follow all school guidelines. 


Congratulations to our 2021 Winter King and Queen Candidates:

King candidates

  1. Tony Greco
  2. Cooper Meier
  3. Marcel Pryor
  4. Brogan Scott
  5. Ethan Spindler

Queen candidates

  1. Allyson Meier
  2. Dejah Miller
  3. Emma Stahl
  4. Ann Stegman
  5. Emma Teply


Enjoy Hayden vs. Emporia boys and girls basketball games live stream. 

Main Gym:

Secondary Gym:  Facebook Live Emporia High School’s Facebook page @EmporiaSpartans