Homecoming 2020 Spirit Days 

Tuesday, September 29 :  Sports in Reverse – Today, dress up in the gear or uniform of a sport or activity you DON’T participate in.

Wednesday, September 30: Role Reversal – Teachers dress like students, students dress like teachers.

Thursday, October 1: Mass Attire – Today is the celebration of our homecoming liturgy. Look sharp and be sharp in your pants, white shirts, ties and belts, and the approved jackets.

Friday, October 2:  Spirit Day -Let’s get ready for the big game against Osawatomie and get crazy with the school spirit as we show that it’s a particularly great day to be a wildcat. Don’t be basic, break out all the navy, gold, and white to cheer our Wildcats on to victory!!!  Dress in your Hayden best and remember to show everyone that you can’t hide your Wildcat pride!!!

*Please consult the student handbook for guidelines concerning non-uniform days. Those students in violation will be asked to change and will be given appropriate disciplinary consequences. Please use common sense and make good decisions when choosing your non-uniform day spirit attire.


We will see all students on campus Tuesday, September 29 (A Day).


There will be a Drama Club meeting after school Tuesday in Wildcat Hall.