The Hayden Theater musical production of “The Theory of Relativity” has been rescheduled. Streaming will be on March 5th, 6th, and 7th. Please visit for more information. 


Winter Sports week will begin on Monday. The theme this year is “Elements of Winter”. Remember, if you choose not to participate in the daily theme, you will need to wear your school uniform. Monday is a remote flex day and we will see students in person on Tuesday for an A Day.


 “Elements of Winter” Spirit Days

Please remember to abide by the dress code rules in the handbook when selecting appropriate attire for each day. Let’s have some fun, Wildcats!

Monday 2/22 – NEON (Ne): Show off those bright colors during your google meets today.

Tuesday 2/23 – CARBON (C):  Be a carbon copy with a friend or a group of friends.

Wednesday 2/24 – FLUORINE (F): Today it stands for FAMILY vacation. Dress as a tourist or wear appropriate vacation attire from your favorite family vacation.

Thursday 2/25 – HELIUM (He): Today is our Lenten Mass so raise your voices high for Jesus, just like helium does. Remember to look sharp in your pants, white shirts, ties, belts and quarter zip jackets.

Friday 2/26 – GOLD (Au): Go for the gold as we celebrate Wildcat Wars and dress according to the theme of your community for our pep assembly and rally to celebrate winter sports!