• Feast of Immaculate Conception Liturgy at 9:55 a.m.


  • If you would like to get in touch with The Letter Jacket Man, please give him a call at 785-969-4405 for more information.


  • How about trying out for bowling?  Today is the last day for tryouts from 3:30 – 5:00 pm at Westridge Lanes off of Wanamaker. There will be a short meeting in the meeting area prior to the tryouts.


  • On December 16th from 7-10 pm Junior Student Council is putting on a Sadie Hawkins Dance. Tickets are $4.00 and can be purchased at lunch. Check your email for more details.


  • The best way to spread Christmas cheer is to purchase a candy cane gram for a friend or 10 to help support our adopted Christmas family project…the Matthew community will be selling them at lunches through Tuesday to help raise money for our families…they are $1 each and will be delivered on Monday, December 18…let your friends, teachers, house families, chaplains, coaches, administrators, lunch ladies, maintenance staff and everyone at Hayden know you are thinking about them this Christmas season by sending them a candy cane gram!


  • If you need to make a second semester schedule change, please make an appointment with one of the counselors. There is a sign-up sheet outside of Mrs. Collins’ office.


  • We have adopted eight parish families citywide this holiday season for our Adopted Christmas Family Project. Please consider donating new or gently used items to help families in need. We are accepting donations of household goods, cleaning supplies, non-perishable food items, toiletries, money, grocery gift cards, etc. Anything you can donate would be greatly appreciated. Please contact Ms. Herman for more information hermana@haydencatholic.net.


  • Sarah Keck will sign with Hesston College on Monday at 3:05 in the cafeteria for soccer.


  • StuCo is sponsoring a jeans day on Monday, December 11…the cost is $2 for jeans and $2 for a Hayden spirit shirt with the donations helping out our Christmas families…the following students will be by during 5th hour to collect money.  No holy jeans allowed!!  


  • Finals are around the corner.  You have seven (7) short days until finals begin, and 10 days until they are over for the Fall 2017 semester.  If you haven’t begun preparing, now is the time to do so!!


As an incentive, Hayden allows you to waive one (1) final exam per semester your 9th, 10th, and 11th grade years if you have maintained an average of 86% in a class, and have no discipline points.  Discipline points can be issued for a wide variety of things, including excessive tardies.  If you have exceeded 12 tardies this semester, then you will not qualify for a waiver.  


Seniors ONLY have the opportunity to earn a 2nd waiver for near PERFECT attendance.  In order to earn that waiver, seniors cannot exceed five (5) tardies, and cannot miss more than eight (8) class blocks.  For more detailed information, please click here and scroll to page 13.  Seniors who do not qualify for this waiver have received an email.



Beginning on MONDAY 12/11/17 you may, BEFORE, or AFTER class and School, OR between classes you may speak with the teacher of the class in who’s exam you would like to waive.  If you have met the grade requirement, the teacher will enter his or her name on a google sheet that they will have access to under your slot.  That is all that you will have to do.   If you have not qualified, there will be no space next to your name.  Do not interrupt class time, do not be disrespectful to your teachers!  DO NOT argue that with your teacher, they have no control over a blacked out space.  If you question your eligibility please come speak with me.  Do not email me with an entitled, derogatory tone.  


You will have until Monday 12/18/17 at 3:30 pm to sign up for the waiver.  At that point in time, the sheet will be locked.  


So, if your grade is not at an 86% before Monday 12/18, you will have to take that courses final exam.  



GREAT QUESTION!!  Please read the answer closely….


IF you have waived a final that is at the beginning or the end of the finals day, you do not have to come.  If you have a class whose final you have taken early, or there is no final, you may leave.  HOWEVER you may not come and take a final, leave, then come back for a final.  

  • Example 1 – if I have a 1st block final, I waive 2nd block, and I have a 3rd block final – I cannot leave.
  • Example 2 – I have waived my 4th hour final, but have 5th and 6th hour finals – I do not have to come in until my 5th hour final begins.  
  • Example 3 – I have waived my 8th hour final, but I have a 7th hour final – I can leave after the 7th hour final is over.  

The point?  You can come late, you can leave early if your final schedule allows, BUT you cannot leave and come back.  

If you do not have a final, but have to stay on campus, you must report to the cafeteria to study.  You may not roam the halls, sit in the lobby/foyer, play basketball, play ping pong.  


  • Tuesday 12/19/17:  1st/2nd/3rd blocks
  • Wednesday 12/20/17:  4th/5th/6th blocks
  • Thursday 12/21/17: 7th/8th blocks

Finals times –

7:50 to 9:15 am

9:25 to 10:40 am

10:50 am to 12:05 pm

Tuesday and Wednesday we will dismiss at 12:05, Thursday we will dismiss at 10:40.  Lunch will NOT be served during finals, and you have 10 minute passing periods.