Tuition for 2022-2023

Topeka Catholic Parish Students with Parent Commitment

$525 a month or $6,300 annually

Non-Topeka Catholic Parish Students with Parent Commitment

$671.67 a month or $8,060 annually

International F-1 and J-1 Visa Students- There are no Parent Commitment Hours required

$13,500 annually

The tuition at Hayden Catholic High School represents a significant investment that pays a substantial dividend as showcased by the tremendous success of Hayden graduates. Part of our responsibility as a school is to be transparent with the true costs of that investment. The true cost to educate a student at Hayden is $10,000 for the 2021-2022 school year. Due to the generosity of donors and through the financial support of Hayden Catholic High School by the parishes of the Topeka Region of the Archdiocese of Kansas City in Kansas we are able to provide a Hayden education at a significantly reduced rate to all students. In addition, students from families who are members of a Topeka Catholic Parish qualify for a further reduction in tuition.  Local students may also take advantage of tuition assistance and scholarships from Hayden Catholic High School and the Hayden Foundation. Please note, students from Catholic parishes outside of the Topeka region should contact the Hayden business office to determine what additional subsidies are available. Students of other faiths are welcomed at Hayden and pay a tuition rate that does not reflect the subsidy provided by the Topeka Region Catholic parishes.

The parent commitment requirement is 40 hours within pre-approved service/fundraising activities.  Completion of this requirement reduces the overall cost of tuition by $800 and is already factored into the tuition costs listed below (meaning, the rates below reflect the $800 reduction). There are additional discounts ($500 second child/$1500 third or more child) available for families with more than one child at Hayden.

Hayden Catholic High School strives to make a Catholic secondary education available to all interested students. If you have questions regarding Tuition or Financial Assistance please see the Financial Aid page, or contact the business office at or 785-272-5210, ext 104.


All students are required to pay a non-refundable enrollment fee of $200, which also serves as the initial tuition payment for the designated school year. The tuition includes most all charges, including textbook rental,  technology and software fees and a student activity card. Students enrolled in college credit classes are required to pay college fees and tuition for the course. These costs are at a reduced amount of normal costs per credit hour. Cost will vary by university, course selection, and number of credit hours granted.

*** Hayden is transitioning to a new payment platform. Information will be available soon. 

My School Bucks (Specific Instructions will be sent to the families)

Hayden Catholic High School has partnered with My School Bucks (MSB) to service your students tuition account.

MSB manages the transactions for Hayden Catholic High School and follows the policies established by Hayden. There are fees associated with the service so please make sure you have reviewed all payment options.  Please note that tuition amounts, tuition aid, and all other tuition related decisions are made by Hayden.  All invoices can be accessed through To enroll, please follow the instructions (gold button at the bottom of this page).

My School Bucks (MSB) parent help center is available to assist you.  They can be reached at 1-855-832-5226 or contact them via email through their website if you have questions. You may also contact the Hayden business office at or 785- 272-5210, ext. 104 if you have any questions about your tuition balance, credits or payment options.