The school’s namesake, Fr. Francis Hayden, arrived in Topeka in 1869 to study at a seminary that is now the site of the Assumption Church.

He was assigned his first parish at Solomon, KS before returning to the Assumption Parish in 1887. He started Assumption Catholic High School in 1911. When Fr. Hayden retired in 1914, the school name was changed to Topeka Catholic High School.

Father Hayden was known for his kind ways and his service to others. His legacy is about investing in others. The call of Father Hayden can be seen in every Hayden student, past and present. It is echoed in the words that permeate this building: enter to learn, leave to serve.

In 1980 Hayden moved to a permanent location at 401 SW Gage. Today the school has more than 8,000 alumni all over the world.