The Hayden Catholic High School Board of Trustees is appointed by the Archbishop of Kansas City in Kansas and the other clergy members of the Hayden Catholic High School Corporation

The trustees are responsible for the oversight of Hayden Catholic High School.

The current trustees are:

  • Lawrence Martin - Chair
  • Dr. Edward Letourneau - Vice Chair
  • Lori Rowe- Secretary
  • Rick Avila 
  • Stacey Calhoon
  • Fr. Tim Haberkorn
  • Gina Hendrickson
  • Colleen Kramer
  • Kurt Kuta
  • Mark Reinert
  • Curt Sittenauer
  • Doug Sterbenz
  • Dr. Don Wilson
  • Dr. Kathy O’Hara - Superintendent of Schools - Ex-Officio
  • Shelly Buhler - President - Ex-Officio