What is true education?

The goal of education is to attract a student to the good, true and beautiful. C.S. Lewis quotes St. Augustine claiming that good education is the ordo amoris, the ordering of love. True education is the training of our desires to the things that are good for us, in the appropriate way. We train for the good, and just might meet God. 

What is good faith formation?

Faith Formation claims that that good, true and beautiful has revealed itself in the person of Jesus Christ. Fortunately we the invisible good has revealed himself in the Incarnation. Faith formation then is putting students in a relationship with Christ. 

Faith Formation at Hayden

  • Opportunities for encounter with Christ through intellectual study, friendship, the sacraments.
    • Theology Curriculum - students take one Theology class a semester.
    • Fellowship groups like GRACE and Knights.
    • Prayer opportunities before school: Mass, Rosary or Bible Study
    • Add day adoration on Friday with confession

Human Formation at Hayden

Faith formation must be built on a solid human formation for it to stand. At Hayden human formation is woven into the fabric of our school. Attributes of a good human formation include:

  • Strong intellectual tradition-teachers with a love of their discipline and the ability to teach it well, a school is in the business of the mind, of the intellect, of the reason.
    • The reason makes humans distinct from animals, it is worth our time to inform it to better understand, and yet be humbled by the world around us. 
  • Athletics that promote the development of interpersonal relationships and a moral formation of character, instilling in students the virtues necessary to lead a good life upon leaving these walls, in sports it is not an intellectual level, but a practical level. Training the will to choose the good must become second nature to become a virtue. 
  • Arts that give expression to the human spirit with plays, musicals, metals, ceramics, painting, drawing. The arts are essential to human formation, showcasing a person’s sight of the world and the ability to articulate it in a technical skill. 

We Cannot Do This By Ourselves

In the Catholic tradition, good faith and human formation has its place in a school community, but ultimately it must take place in the family. In the coming years Hayden will be partnering with parents to find a way for this relationship to foster. Likewise, there must be a harmonious relationship with our parishes. 

It is an exciting time in the culture of Hayden Catholic High School. We are making every attempt to build an authentic Christian culture. Would you be a part of it?


Jared Samson v2

Mr. Jared Samson

Coordinator of Faith Formation &

Coordinator of Topeka Youth Ministry

Thomas Maddock

Fr. Thomas Maddock

Chaplain & Parochial Vicar of Christ the King


Ms. Angela Herman

Theology Department Chair