Students are commissioned to serve as campus ministers and are engaged in enhancing the liturgical and spiritual life of the Hayden Catholic community.

Recognizing and drawing on the unique gifts of individuals, Campus Ministry is a vehicle for constructing a foundation for peer ministry amongst the broader Hayden Catholic community. Activities are aimed toward building an atmosphere conducive to the growth of individual, spiritual, and communal needs.

G. Hillebert

Mr. Gabriel Hillebert

St. Joseph Moderator


GRACE | Girls Respond Actively To Christ's Example

GRACE is a community of young women who seek to build relationships with each other and grow in faith, Catholic femininity and leadership. Focusing on creating a strong bond among the girls of Hayden, GRACE meets every other week to hear formational talks and engage in discussion about various topics led by student leaders and female mentors. GRACE has a special devotion to Our Lady of Grace as well as the Divine Mercy of Jesus. GRACE includes formational talks on topics of interest that center on how to be a Catholic woman, loving oneself and growing in community with other women. 

Some of the topics include: holiness, beauty, self-worth, feminine virtue, friendship, Catholic dating, gossip, vocations, relationships, purity, and growing in one’s spiritual life. Follow on Instagram @haydengracegirls

Knights of the Immaculate Heart

The Knights of the Immaculate Heart are young men striving together for holiness, virtue and spiritual leadership. In addition to formational talks, our evenings will focus on accountability, fellowship, prayer and occasional activities. 

Some of the activities include: hikes, dinners, service projects, fellowship, and Consecration to the Blessed Mother.

Questions? Contact Mr. Hillebert


Pro-Life / SADD

The Pro-Life Club was established to educate students on what it means to promote a culture of life in modern America. The club makes an annual visit to Washington D.C. or the March for Life. SADD (Students Against Destructive Decisions) is a nationally recognized group promoting good decisions in the lives of high school aged students. 

Questions? Contact Mr. Samson


St. Joseph of Arimathea | Pallbearer Ministry

The Saint Joseph of Arimathea Pallbearer Ministry was established to:

  • Practice the Works of Mercy by offering pallbearer services free of charge to those in need, especially the poor and the elderly.
  • Affirm the value and dignity of human life.
  • Represent the community at a person’s final commendation.
  • Commemorate and pray for the dead.

The Arimathea Ministry was founded in the spirit of Saint Joseph of Arimathea, who assisted with the burial of Jesus.  It is our belief that no person should die without being prayed for or mourned.

In the spirit of St. Joseph, the Arimathea Society is dedicated to burying those of need with dignity and respect. When an in-need person is identified by an area funeral home, the school is contacted to arrange for pallbearers to serve at the individual’s funeral. Typically the students attend the funeral liturgy and then travel to the cemetery to serve as pallbearers and carry the casket to the grave. After burial the students usually spend a few minutes in prayer at the gravesite.

Unfortunately, because of COVID restrictions, we are unable to offer this group as a service to the community this year. We will re-evaluate the status of this club once COVID restrictions become more relaxed. 

Questions? Contact Mr. Hillebert


Spiritual Direction

The purpose of spiritual direction is to allow students the personal one-to-one opportunity to discuss, to share, and to formulate their personal faith dimension. Through the program, students are challenged to share and evaluate their formation as it relates to their relationship with their God, with other people and themselves. It is not a time to further discuss and add to the informational aspect of theology as presented in daily religious class, but an opportunity to individualize and personalize one’s faith. Students may request additional spiritual direction sessions if they so choose. 

Questions? Contact Fr. Maddock



Retreats are a great way to build community amongst the grade levels and thus is an important part of the student life experience at Hayden Catholic High School. We are delighted to offer retreats for all students. The main purpose of each retreat is to give students a time reserved to connect with God and each other. 

More information will come out closer to each grade level's retreat date. Parents are welcome to volunteer as chaperons.


Contact Mr. Samson, Campus Minister