Hayden Scholarship Program

The Hayden Scholarship Program provides an opportunity for students to qualify for need-based tuition assistance through an application process. Applicants must apply through the FACTS system. Please review the documents below for specific details on how to apply. Scholarship grants are awarded based on financial need. Some may also have service or academic performance requirements.

Sponsors of the Hayden Catholic Foundation Family Scholarships are:

Ronald D.and Mary Andersen Scholarship 
Loretta Jane Melchior Brady Family Scholarship
Leroy Brungardt Legacy Scholarship
Charlie and Pat Buhler Family Scholarship
John and Catherine Etzel Family Scholarship Fund
Bert Jr. and Michele Falley Family Scholarship
Finucane Family Scholarship
Vance and Sally Hubbell Scholarship
Jacob Johnson Special Needs Fund
Genavieve & Benton McGivern Endowed Scholarship
Meiners Family Scholarship
Mia Miyamoto Memorial Endowed Scholarship

The Jim Morrisey Family Scholarship
Robinson Family Scholarship
Sabatini Family Scholarship
Louise Schmidtlein Scholarship
The Scheer Family Scholarship
Schwartz Family Scholarship
Sheehy Family Scholarship
Sterbenz Family Fund
Richard and Elizabeth Stewart Family Scholarship
Amanda Young Scholarship
Class of 1955 Scholarship
First Class to Graduate from Hayden West, Class of 1963 Scholarship