International Students

Hayden Catholic High School partners with Guardian EDU and ASSE International, highlighted below, with the intent to enroll highly qualified students from abroad. We are authorized by the Department of Homeland Security to enroll F1 Visa students through the Student and Exchange Visitor Program (SEVP) and can issue an I-20 certificate of eligibility for students who meet our qualifications. If a student is on a J-1 Visa program, we work exclusively with ASSE International.

International students seeking enrollment must meet the following guidelines:

  • Age 14 to 18
  • Grades 9 through 12
  • Students must schedule a skype interview
  • International Student Tuition - $13,500 - Plus enrollment fees
  • International students must pay a $200 fee to process the I20 as well as cover any mailing fee's to their agent or home country. This fee is non-refundable
  • International students must be enrolled by August 1st of the school year they want to attend. We do accept students at semester (January). 
  • International students must find their host family 
  • If the student is from South Korea, they must work exclusively with Guardian EDU


Hayden Catholic High School offers international students the opportunity to immerse themselves in American culture by attending classes and participating in extracurricular activities. International students of high school age are offered rigorous academic programs in our Catholic co-educational environment that range from regular classes to honors and advanced placement and college preparatory. Our students and faculty truly value the opportunity to learn about new cultures while helping our international students experience life and education in the United States. Our international students are high achieving, strong English speakers, and writers who are excited to contribute fully to our community while being fully immersed in classes at Hayden Catholic High School. If you are interested in studying at Hayden Catholic High School, please contact Sheri Cafer, Director of Admissions, at 785-272-5210 or ​​.

SMG Student Management Group

Hayden is partnering with SMG beginning in 2023. Their program is designed to enable students from all around the world to take part in a once in a lifetime educational and cultural offering that are available in the United States, UK, and Canada. SMG's goal is for students to develop the knowledge and perspective that allows them to be productive citizens in the globalized society we live in today.

Check out their website HERE.

To discuss details, you may contact the Hayden Admissions Office or reach out to the SMG Regional Manager, Deby Sorensen at

ASSE International Student Exchange Programs

ASSE provides opportunities for international students to attend Hayden Catholic High School. Also, local families can make a difference in a student’s life by becoming a host family. For more information regarding ASSE International, please visit

Guardian EDU

Guardian EDU., LLC is our exclusive endorsed Korean partner for Hayden Catholic High School. Guardian EDU will handle the Hayden application and admissions process and act as the legal guardian for students that are attending Hayden Catholic High School.

All interested parents, agencies, and students in Korea and other Asian countries seeking more information should contact Peter Jeewan Jang using the information below.


Guardian EDU Seoul Office:
(02) 567-0309
16F, Gangnam Building 1321-1, Seocho Dong
Seoul 06619
South Korea


Guardian EDU Kansas City Office:
Peter Jang (913) 226-2149