Hayden Catholic High School requires 28 credits for graduation.

Required credits are:


Required each year. Theology courses must be completed successfully. Faith in Action does not fulfill a requirement.  All Seniors will attend a retreat and this is a requirement.

4 Credits


4 credits are required.

4 Credits


3 credits are required. *State Scholars Curriculum requires 4 credits.

3 Credits

Social Studies

3 credits are required. Must include 1 unit of American History, 1 unit of World History, 1 unit of Government, and 1 unit of Geography. (Government and Geography are semester courses.)

3 Credits

Physical Education

1 credit is required.

1 Credit


3 credits are required. *State Scholars Curriculum requires credits in Biology, Chemistry, and Physics.

3 Credits

World Language

1 credit of the same Foreign Language is required. *State Scholars Curriculum requires 2 credits.

1 Credit


½ credit required.

½ Credit

Computer Technology

1 credit required. Must include Office Applications or Computer Applications 1 and 1 elective Computer Technology course.

1 Credit

Fine Arts

1 credit is required. This unit may come from Music, Art, or Theater.

1 Credit


6 Credits

Personal Finance

Graduation requirement beginning with the class of 2020

½ Credit