A Hayden education means:


Our curriculum prepares students for college. Our environment prepares them for life beyond. We expect more of our students, and they answer the call.


Being at Hayden means being known by faculty and staff who care. Through personal relationships, we are better able to cater learning according to each student.


The Gospel is our foundation and we want students to see faith lived out beyond the walls of the school. Hayden is about faith in action. It is the love of Christ shown in us and through us.


Community/House System at Hayden Catholic High School

We are very excited to have a Community/House system at Hayden Catholic High School!

The community system will allow each Hayden student to:

  • Know and love Jesus and the people in our community more deeply
  • Ensure individual care by providing each student with at least two adults who will monitor and support the academic, social, and spiritual growth of each student
  • Enhance the ministry provided to all of our students by embracing our Catholic values and traditions
  • Strengthen the bonds of the Hayden Catholic family spirit among the 9th-12th grade divisions
  • Create opportunities for students to be trained and to serve as leaders
  • Develop each student’s interpersonal relationship skills
  • Enhance the community strength outside of Hayden Catholic High School

There are four communities at Hayden, named Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. There are five Houses within each community. Each student will be assigned to a Community and House where they will remain during their entire time at Hayden.

The community system is designed to be student driven and there are 50 student leadership opportunities within the community system. We are excited to offer a community system that continues to grow and evolve.  

House System

We pride ourselves at Hayden Catholic High School on giving back and serving others within the community, following the Corporal Works of Mercy that honor vulnerable members of society. These acts include:

  • Feeding the poor and hungry
  • Sheltering the homeless
  • Visiting the sick or dying
  • Visiting the imprisoned

The students at Hayden performed over 8600 hours last year alone! Every student at Hayden is required to serve at least 10 hours (Freshman), 20 hours (Sophomore-Seniors). Students are provided opportunities throughout the year at different parishes and organizations such as Catholic Charities, Let's Help, The Capper Foundation and Harvesters, just to name a few. It is amazing to see our students in action and is very rewarding for each of them as well!

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